Working on “Fair Game” (2010)



We were very privileged to have worked on the film “Fair Game” (2010) starring Naomi Watts.

Fair Game portrays the memoirs of a CIA operative – played by Naomi Watts, telling the story of how her cover was blown by the media, coinciding with a controversial article written by her husband.

What are the steps taken when a client approaches Tanker?

Normally when a production team approaches us, they will first send over the script along with the storyboards. After that, we will go through the detail requirements and propose the filming locations, number of casts and talents required as well as the cost. Once the production team accepts the deal, we begin sourcing for the numbers of crew, the type of technical expertise they need, an art department that specialises in building sets and wardrobe, specific equipment that needs to be flown in, and so on. The brief sometimes comes with specific requests such as preparation of different types of food, or maybe getting a Vanity Van, this is particularly true when famous celebrities are involved. Tankers always strives to comply with all of these requests.

In the case of “Fair Game” (2010), we were contacted by @Avram Ludwig, the producer of Fair Game. We met over a Skype call and after a few days, he came down for a recce of some of the filming locations in Malaysia. Their filming location requirements included a hotel, a big bungalow mansion, KL Convention Centre, a street scene, and some of the flat and apartment settings in Changkat Bukit Bintang.



Working hand in hand with Avram, we shortlisted venues for the shoot and proceeded to work out the filming permits. It took about 3 weeks to finalise everything.

In terms of casting, most of the cast were from the US, but we also managed to provide 3 locally featured cast members that were vetted by the director through a Skype call.

What did Tankers take away from the experience?

All in all, it was a great experience working together with the Hollywood team. We learned a lot and also observed the details of how they managed everything on set. From the way they work to how things are done, Hollywood production crews are very systematic and organised. They ensure that regulations are met and that everything is done properly. This of course, contributed to their top spot in the movie-making industry. It was an eye-opening experience working together with the best of the best.

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