The support we provided “Love & Money Agency Korea” in their commercial production for Samsung


No two commercials are ever the same.

Here at The Tankers, we are a professional corporate video production company based in Malaysia. We treat every commercial project no different than producing a full-length feature film.

We do this because we believe in delivering only the best in every piece of work we are involved in. Any less and there wouldn’t be any difference between us and any other film production company in Malaysia.

We specialize in production support and we help our clients take their projects to the next level. We have worked alongside international movie production companies, music video production companies and agencies of all sizes. We are proficient in producing full-length movies, short films, commercials and even music videos. Our services range from film location scouting, film production staffing and even film equipment rental services. We also have a Malaysian talent casting agency arm based in Kuala Lumpur.

For this particular project, we worked hand in hand with a production house from South Korea named; “Love & Money Agency” in the production of a commercial for Samsung.

Love & Money Agency, who has done many production work with high-profile clients like Samsung, decided to engaged The Tankers to produce this commercial in order to promote the release of the new Samsung Galaxy A7 and A9 smart phones here in Malaysia.

With this commercial they were looking for a fun and vibrant feel, that would make audiences want to dance and yet give them a sense of space and freedom that comes with the smartphones user-friendliness.


The Process

Upon receiving a job, coming up with a number of locations becomes our main priority. But for this job with Love & Money Agency, there was an emphasis on casting.

Switching focus, we went right to work on finding the right talents by tapping into our talent pool database which spans region-wide.


We are well connected with other key casting agencies in Malaysia that we leveraged towards quickly obtaining the right talents for the job. Being based in Southeast Asia, clients frequently find our rates reasonable due to the currency difference. This attracts many production houses over to this region for production work.

Typically, we would receive a brief specifying the criteria and the number of talents our clients would require. If there isn’t a brief, we also help our clients come up with those estimates. This is all done from the pre-kick off consultation we offer with every client we work with.

We prioritize speed & smoothness in working with any client, and you will find the speed of our responses and pre-kick off consultations unique compared to other casting agencies in Malaysia when reaching out to us.

Location Sourcing


Our speed in scouting locations for shoots really surprised the client as permits for shootings in public areas are processed much faster in Malaysia compared to locations like the US & Australia.

It isn’t uncommon to hear about the lack of options production houses have when approaching a film location scouting service.

We always strive to ensure that our proposed locations are well-matched with the brief provided, taking account of essential considerations like specific camera angles as referenced by the storyboards. Our clients find us competent in our ability to provide them with a variety of great locations.

Film Production Staffing


When working with production houses overseas, we understand that timelines can get tight. However this is not a problem for us as we’re very experienced with tight deadlines.

We can easily source our clients with a production crew staffed with a great team, from the grip, gaffer, makeup & wardrobe, right up to the cameramen. All to enable our clients to realise their vision within the required timeline.

Feel free to contact us now for a video production quotation.

We’re Ready

Whether its film location scouting services, production staffing or casting, with a central focus specific on your needs & your goals, we will always go the extra mile to get the job done well.

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