How We Supported Everbest For Their Commercial (2018)

We recently had the pleasure of providing production service for Momentum. A production company based in Singapore. They approached us for production support aid in shooting a commercial for Everbest to promote their Fall/Winter ‘18 collection.

Tankers is a full-service film production company in Malaysia specializing in production support services. We bring visions to life. Working with international film houses and advertising agencies both large & small in the production of full-length movies, short films, award-winning commercials and stunning music videos.

Everbest is a luxury accessories brand, with a focus on shoes and handbags. With a primary presence in Southeast Asia, their products can be spotted as widespread as the UK, Mauritius & Australia. Originating from Indonesia. They have been in the business for well over 30 years.

What We Did for Momentum


Once we receive the scripts from the client, we instantly kick it off with a consultation.

During which, we provide proposed locations, number & types of talent required, and the technical expertise & equipment required.


Can Tankers Help Us Find The Right Locations in Malaysia?

Sometimes, there are clients specifically looking for film location scouting services.

With Momentum, location scouting was only a part of it. They were looking for an old colonial building located in Malaysia.

We spent some time on recce all over Malaysia in search for only the best one possible to perfectly suit the Momentum’s vision for this particular project.

Having the privilege of being based in Malaysia, we have access to a diverse set of locations. From spectacular beaches, urbanized city centres with excellent infrastructure, and numerous heritage-rich locations all over the country.

For Momentum, we decided to go with Puncak Dani bungalow. An old English colonial snugly nestled away on the hill of Genting Highlands located in the state of Pahang.


We are pretty well versed when it comes to location sourcing. We’re able to obtain the right permits from the right places, figure out who to get to and negotiate you reasonable rates. No matter your vision, we have the expertise and know-how to help you source the perfect location every single time.


How About Casting?

When it comes to getting you the right talent, we have the edge.

On top of having over 2 decades of experience in the industry, we also have a region-wide network of talents that we can tap into.

For Everbest, we needed a couple of classic ‘model’ types, and a mature lady figure for a ‘mother’ role.

Positioned right in the nexus of Southeast Asia, finalizing these candidates weren’t much trouble. We finalized the cast within a matter of weeks.

A typical timeframe for casting can take anywhere from 2-3 weeks. Sometimes timeframes aren’t so forgiving, in cases like these, we make it happen anyway.

If you’re looking for a casting agency in Malaysia, we can easily help you there.


Then What Happens?

We begin by deciding on our film production staffing. The sourcing process starts from the right technical expertise needed to the number of technical crew required for lighting, grip, and the likes.

We also get to work on getting the right art department if needed in the case of building sets or setting up a wardrobe. Sometimes we fly in specific types of equipment if it is required for the shoot.

On request, we also offer film equipment rental services to clients.

What Kind of Quality Can You Expect from Our Work?

Tankers is directly affiliated with the Directors Think Tank, a production powerhouse known for their high level of production quality in anything that they do. Tankers has also worked closely alongside both Hollywood & British Studios with works like Fair Game.

With a love that is shared only by that of our clients, we have also worked with international luminaries such as the likes of Lionel Messi, Lewis Hamilton Aamir Khan and Naomi Watts. And these are just a handful of examples.

We don’t just get the work done, we produce masterpieces.

Let’s Get This Ship Sailing

Our way of working greatly revolves around the client’s interests, ideas & vision.

Our team combines solution-driven creativity with collaboration to achieve a shared purpose bigger than them.

Extraordinary work for our clients. Driven by your vision, and your story.

Drop us a message today right here with specifications.

Video production quotations & other related inquiries will be attended in the quickest time frame possible.