Behind The Scenes with Porsche’s License to Thrill (2017)

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mhdrxHvDkPA

“Hey Carl, everyone talks about racing and racing drivers,

why isn’t there an Olympics for motorsport, an arena for the everyday driver?

Let’s do one.”

That was the conversation had between Carl Isenbeck (Marketing Director of Porsche Asia Pacific), & his then boss Martin Limpert halfway through a flight.

License to Thrill is a region-wide search for the best of the best drivers by setting the stage for them to pit their skills against one another. Out of the thousands who applied, only one was to be chosen to bag the prestigious title of Driver of The Year 2017. Over 3,600 passionate applicants from 13 countries all across Asia participated, but only 30 got through to the finals which was held Sepang, Malaysia’s F1 Circuit.

We had the pleasure of working with Porsche in providing vital production support for License to Thrill 2017. Tankers worked with The Momentum Singapore and supported the production of Porsche’s promotional films which had an objective of creating awareness along with driving participation. Tankers is a film production company in Malaysia that especially focuses on quality in our service. The Momentum is a production company based in Singapore. They approached us for production support aid in shooting this particular project.


Mervyn Nakamura, an ESPN Formula Drift Asia Pro Driver and Drift Instructor shares his thoughts. He finds it exciting to be driving for a shoot as they usually drive alone or with other drivers. Due to the presence of a sophisticated rigging car and the crew following right behind, committed to get the perfect shot. They’re forced to step it up with their precision in taking corners to ensure they don’t get into an accident.

Tankers has a production staffing service with which we help you source for the best crew. Whether it’s the lighting, cameramen, art team right up to the grip. We also provide film equipment rental services. The equipment we house has been used to create award-winning commercials, documentaries, short films and even movies.

Our team of production riggers right here at Tankers are the very best of the industry. Here’s why.

What makes a production rigging service exceptional isn’t having tech jargon being thrown at you.

It really comes to two things, safety & service.



An extraordinary amount of production quality can be achieved with the latest tech. However, the smallest oversight can turn an entire production into a disaster. Having extensive experience in ensuring safety whether its getting the weight loads right or safe-proofing the entire location as much as possible before execution. We prioritize the safety of our shoots no matter the circumstance.


Other than helping you manage your rigging budget, the onsite project and getting the weight loads right, we make sure everything runs like a perfectly oiled machine. This is possible on our end due to clear and concise communication with every party necessary and being extremely accurate in the timing & manpower estimations given.

When you work with Tankers, we go the extra mile to ensure your project is covered far beyond what is ‘normal’, because it makes a real difference.


Tov Belling, a well renowned director, said he had a fantastic time helping Porsche bring this films into life. And it’s impossible to get a bad angle on the cars because of their unrivalled aesthetics.

The whole experience was a true joy amidst the occasional “mental meltdown” episodes Tov admitted having. This doesn’t strike as a surprise considering the level of quality Tov brings to every project he’s in.

We at the Tankers had an astounding experience working with The Momentum. There were challenges and obstacles throughout, but it was nowhere near difficult as we’re pretty used to supporting esteemed productions like these.


Another fundamental element is the location.

For this shoot, we knew we needed something especially fitting. After some in-depth scouting and deliberation from the team, we decided on a state-of-the-art racing circuit, the Sepang International Circuit, located in Selangor, Malaysia.

One of the most overlooked aspect in any production. The location at which your team shoots at really does make or break the entire project.

Fortunately, this is an area where Tankers is no stranger to. Sourcing a myriad of locations for award-winning commercials right up to full-length films for major production houses from the US & UK. Our film location scouting services can easily get you the locations necessary in which extraordinary shots are achieved within a timeline you need if you’re looking to shoot in Malaysia.

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