“Every One Has A Story” Supporting MATTE Projects – Marriott International

Marriott International, the largest hotel chain in the world, enlisted MATTE Projects to realise their “Every One Has A Story” commercial campaign in order to promote their 300 hotels worldwide, and the main objective of this portion of the production, in particular, was to capture various scenes in and around the Vagabond Hotel in Singapore.

MATTE Projects is a creative agency and production company based in New York, America, with a focus on culture and content creation. They are committed to producing corporate videos and commercials that have a cinematic feel for their clients. They have worked with brands like Chanel, Microsoft, Google and Cartier.


For this project, their approach was no different and thus they approached us, The Tankers, a film production company based in Malaysia, where we also shared their commitment to quality, to be their local production support in Singapore.

MATTE Projects producer, River Myers says  “The importance of pre-production, and then developing a production plan alongside a local production company cannot be stressed enough. Working alongside local fixers and/or production companies for on the ground expertise is a great way to ensure the smoothest shoot possible.”

“Choosing the right local production partner can be a challenging and lengthy process when working on a global campaign with several different countries. However, once a local production company is chosen, the hope is that it becomes an extension of your production house and is able to execute on all aspects of the production,” he added.

We at The Tankers are specialists when it comes to supporting any sort of production. We excel in producing full-length movies, short films, commercials and even music videos. We are not afraid of any task as we have a team of experienced production extraordinaires, ready to take on any challenges that would likely come in the way. Established since 2010, we’ve worked with international movie production companies, music video production companies and advertising agencies as well as international figures like Lionel Messi and Naomi Watts to name a few.

How was the experience like working with The Tankers?

Myers said, “Working with The Tankers was a great process overall. From pre-production to pickup at the airport, to securing all necessary local crew and equipment as well as the inevitable last minute requests.”

“Communication and a fluid exchange of information is always key in order to make the production come together in a quick and efficient manner.” he added.

How did it all began?

The job started with scouting and casting and continued with booking grip and electric teams as well as sourcing props and local equipment rentals.

We at The Tankers went straight to work on providing MATTE projects with whatever they needed. We provide our clients all sorts of services for their needs with film production staffing, film equipment rental service, and film location scouting services. We also have a Malaysian talent casting agency arm based in Kuala Lumpur.


What were the challenges faced?

The biggest challenge we faced during this portion of the shoot was securing last-minute additional talent that was needed for one of our larger scenes.

But the challenge was not a big ordeal for us at The Tankers as we were easily able to tap into our talent pool database which spans region-wide as well as leveraging our connections with key casting agencies in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in order to quickly acquire the right talent for the job.


What is your story?

Like the tagline of the Marriott International Campaign goes, everyone has a story that is just waiting to be realised, so allow us to help you realise yours. No matter how big the vision for the project is, we at The Tankers are keen on taking up the mantle. Just contact us now for a video production quotation.

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