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The Tankers teams up with We Are Social Studios in LEGO’s ‘Stories of Creativity Campaign’

Remote shooting is the new normal.

The lockdowns imposed by governments around the world have not stopped the production of commercials and films.

PNS Brazil Producer, Daniel Araújo had introduced We Are Social (WAS) Studios to The Tankers. This led to The Tankers being roped in by WAS Studios for LEGO’s “Stories of Creativity Campaign”.

The campaign was part of the WAS Studios series of COVID-19-safe shoots featuring children around the world sharing their inspiration and what it means to build a better world in such trying times.

WAS Studios was tasked to produce a series of global films for LEGO and one of the films had cast a family in Singapore. The concept was to film the family in their home environment as it was a series that had a clear aesthetic that they were following.

wife with kids

Due to COVID-19, no one from WAS Studios travelled for the shoot. The director, Joe Shaw, producer, creatives and client all dialled in for the filming.

The Tankers made sure the stakeholders were connected to the shoot at all times, allowing them to feel like they were there as much as possible.

Main challenges

The main challenge of working this way is that it can remove an element of spontaneity from the shoot.  Time was also a little tighter with the extra layer of Zoom conversations and approvals.

However, the crew made sure it was a positive remote filming experience for everyone.

‘Fast to respond, flexible’

WAS Studios Senior Producer, Jennifer Lawlor said from the get-go, The Tankers’ Executive Producer, Pete Singh and his team understood the needs, the budget and was to be achieved.

“The key things that really stood out for us about The Tankers were that they were fast to respond despite the seven-hour time difference. They were also flexible and it is clear they are experienced working with global teams,” said Lawlor.

“They understood how we needed to work whilst ensuring the local ways of working were adhered to – which is exceptionally important in this COVID-19 era,” she added.

Keen on shooting remotely in Malaysia or this part of the region? Get in touch with The Tankers for more information. Email Pete at pete@thetankers.tv or contact him via mobile at +6012-725 5633.