We are a production company with over 12 years of experience in regional TV commercial production. Alongside our sister company Directors Think Tank, we have production support for international TV commercials productions under our belt and had success in long-form / film production support. Having done projects for notable directors such as Frederic Planchon, Jeff Darling, and Sng Tong Bing, the Tankers also represents a range of film directors, and are able to provide clients with a notable directors from the region to suit specific project needs. As a film production company in Malaysia, we are also able to take advantage of the “Film in Malaysia Incentive” which is a 30% cash rebate on all Qualifying Malaysian Production Expenditure (QMPE).


One experience shooting the feature film "Fair Game" in Kuala Lumpur was a positive one thanks to Director's Think Tank servicing our production there. The company's founders and managers are intelligent, diverse, and gracious, taking care of exacting production concerns with competence and patience. The company is well organised and gives it's clients a very welcoming and generous experience in Malaysia. It is a pleasure to work with Director's Think Tank and their smart crew. A prospective client can also look forward to working with them in many other countries in South East Asia, given their strong partnership in the region.

- Anadil Hossain / Producer, Dollywood Inc, USA

I have done a few jobs with The Tankers over the last few years servicing different companies from US & UK. For the Fair Game shoot we did not have to stop on any traffic lights during peak hours with a 12 car convoy with Doug Liman & Naomi Watts. We share the lifts during our filing in KL Convention Centre in the middle of the Asean Summit, which was attended by different heads of countries. I still wonder how they got the location permit! I guess they just keep trying!

- Carson Ng / Producer, ASAP Production Service, Hong Kong

It was such a good shoot with Tankers in Malaysia! special thanks to Big brother Pete (executive producer) He was so kind and treated us as a family~ It was great experience to working with you guys. Great adventure with Tankers in Malaysia!!!

- Sean Choi / Producer/Owner , Scenergy Lab Korea

People who understand and respect your cultural differences. People who bring you positive energy. People who carry your same passion. How can I not love working with them?

- Sia Lee / Producer Korea, 24-7 Production

Working with the Tankers on a very challenging shoot in Malaysia and Indonesia was a great experience . The production team they bought on to the project were of the highest level in every department. Superb professionalism and attitude throughout the 3 week shoot really kept the momentum going. Every detail was covered and any problem was quickly overcome. I would definitely recommend them and I look forward to working with Pete and his team in the future.

- Sam Barker / Photographer

From the get-go Pete and his team understood the creative, the budget and what we were aiming to achieve. The key things that really stood out for us about The Tankers were; they are fast to respond (even with the 7 hour time difference!), they are flexible, and they are really experienced working with global teams. They understood how we needed to work whilst ensuring the local ways of working were adhered to too (especially important during COVID).

- Jennifer Lawlor / Senior Producer, We Are Social

We worked with Tankers on the last phase of our production which happened to take place in Singapore. We worked closely with their team on all aspects of production, from casting talent, hiring local crew and securing locations. The collaboration process was seamless with our existing production team and made the shoot go off without a hitch.

- River Myers / Director of Production, Matte Project

The team at Tankers get the job done! They made filming a completely seamless process—great locations, great crews, and great communication throughout!

- Trevor Allen / Producer, Sibling Rivalry

I recently returned to Tankers to shoot an extremely ambitious project for SCJohnson. Not only did this film have the challenge of recreating numerous international locations, it also needed to work seamlessly with a small number of scenes being shot in London so required extremely close collaboration between teams. This was all under pandemic travel restrictions, with a U.S agency and 14 hours worth of time differences between three cities. Tankers provided an absolute world class team, from Production through to Art Direction and everything in between, they worked tirelessly to realise the script and bring my vision to screen. I’m very much looking forward to shooting with Pete and his team again soon!

- Jonathan Pearson / Film Director, Unit 9

We’ve worked few times with Pete and his team. The team is very attentive, and they strive to come up with best solutions or ideas to make things happen. We truly enjoyed filming with their team and can not wait for the next one!

- Grace Kawahara / Executive Producer, Mt. Melvil