Our Insight on Print Ad Photography

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We at the Tankers are a Corporate Video Production Company based in Malaysia, who specialises in providing production support to international video production companies, music video production companies, and many more. Our portfolio includes working with international film production companies who needed production support in Malaysia on the movie “Fair Game” released in 2010 which starred Naomi Watts, and Marriott International’s “Every One Has a Story” commercial just to name a few.

In this article, we would like to share our insight on the subject of Print Advertising Photography, whose production process is also quite similar to that of movie production companies. Examples include adverts, merchandising, and product placement to promote or sell a product or service. The photos are then used in brochures, leaflets, menus in restaurants as well as related commercial uses where the pictures enhance a text. There are a variety of methods the photographs can be utilised to market products and businesses.

The fundamentals of Print Advertising Photography are to capture an emotion, mood or feeling that a product can draw out in an audience. This is done in the hopes of encouraging the viewer to purchase the product by appealing to their instincts. Hence, print advertising photographers use stylized images, lighting, colours and framing in order to tell a captivating story through photography. The photos taken are usually crisp and the messages are clear and concise.

In order to select the best advertising pictures, a keen eye for detail will be helpful, because picking the right image is much more than just choosing an image that speaks directly of the product or service being advertised. In contrast, rigid adherence to a subject matter can be more detrimental than good if it does not create an emotional bond with the audience. It needs to leave some room to the imagination in the viewer’s minds.

Fashion Photography


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Arguably, the most well-known kind of Print Advertising Photography is Fashion Photography. These types are shoots usually involve commercial advertisements and editorials in magazines. There is a myriad of methods and styles in fashion shoots, which ranges from catalogue photographs, whose main purpose is to showcase the entire detail of clothing, to editorial shots, which endeavour to use the clothes in dynamic and unusual ways.

Fashion shoots would commonly involve hiring talents in order to advertise the product effectively. We have a casting talent agency arm based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and we can easily tap into a talent pool database which spans region-wide to help our clients obtain their desired talent. One of the strongest advantages here in Malaysia is the diversity of its people and Malaysia is home to an abundance of multi-racial talents, hence it will not be hard to acquire the right talent for the right job.

Product Photography


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Product photography for print ads can either focus on the design of the product (for example, the sleekness of a car, or the stylishness of sunglasses), or either while using the particular product (like how fast a printer can print or using a knife to show how sharp it is in cutting fruits).

Advertising Commercial Photography focuses on conveying the allure and status of the product to the target audience. The photos usually are taken without a background and shadows which aims is to emphasise the product by making it more attractive and generate pleasant thoughts in the mind of the viewer. Product Commercial Photography aims to display the aspects and experiences of using or consuming the product. It’s framing is usually much steadier in order to not draw away the audience’s eye from the product. Hence, advertising photographers are allowed more creative freedom to illustrate how products can be displayed photographically like using dazzling light packages, the framing is bolder, stylized and inventive in order to generate specific emotions.

Whether ethereal and dreamlike or stark and foreboding, advertising photography is used to form bonds that will intensify brand and product identity by leveraging on the histories and personal experiences of each customer.

Food Photography


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Promoting eateries and food-related products in culinary sections of magazines is all related to food photography. These pictures can either solely focus on the food, akin to catalogue shots of clothing, or they can either showcase the allure and mood of the particular venue. Food photography can be accomplished by professionals with the proficiency of still-life or nature photography. In order to promote a particular restaurant, it is best to photograph their food at the venue itself. Hence, it is advisable to use portable lighting and backgrounds for the shoot in order to really accentuate the deliciousness of the food.

However, getting the equipment can be quite pricy and it is also recommended that you have competent people on the shoot to handle the equipment in order to prevent costly damages. But not to worry, we provide film equipment rental services in order for our clients to use the best equipment at reasonable prices for their shoots as well as a film production staffing service in order to provide them with the right trained people to handle the complex equipment. We ensure that the pictures you take will leave your target audience salivating for more!

Photography for Marketing Businesses and Corporations



Businesses and corporations use commercial photography to do promotion, or particularly, certain aspects of their work. The types of photography used when it comes to promoting businesses are Commercial Photography, Industrial Photography and Architectural and Building Photography. Commercial Photography, is usually conducted indoors (inside a studio or confined environment), while Industrial Photography, is conducted outdoors or on the site itself. The usual way of marketing a business is done using architectural and building photography, which involves shooting the premises either to showcase its’ architectural design or the appeal of the premises of the particular business.

For outdoor shoots in general, we at Malaysia are blessed with strategic locations which vary from tropical rainforests (like Cameron Highlands, Pahang), to sandy beaches (like Pulau Redang, Terengganu), or traditional Western architecture (like Kellie’s Castle in Batu Gajah, Perak), just to name a few. In order to ensure our clients find the ideal location for their projects, we provide  Scouting and Film location services, to help them achieve this objective. We also help our clients to acquire the necessary permission and permits to be able to shoot at a particular location.

It is evident that Malaysia has certainly a lot to offer when it comes to Print Advertising Photography projects. However, it is always advisable to contact the right agency who has the right experience and knowledge of the procedures and the terrains of the land in order to provide the best production-support for your project.

So are you looking to do a Print Advertising Photography shoot? Be sure to contact us here now for a quotation!